DHA Soluton – Sample Pack 50ml

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Suitable for hand held units or automated spray booths.

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2015 Latest formula.

Supreme Blend 8% contains only the highest quality ingredients available: pure DHA, Erythrulose, moisturising agents; vitamin A and Aloe Vera, Yummy Choc Banana fragrance and other proprietary additives that ensure a long-lasting natural look which will fade naturally over five to seven days.


PROsunless – Supreme blend has been fine tuned to run in harmony with most spray tanning systems. Parameters like viscosity, density and adherence have been optimized, resulting in minimized overspray and the most even coverage possible.



Directions for use: Spray mist evenly over the body and face. Allow the mist to settle on skin. Do not rub-in, or wipe over skin. Use only specifically designed DHA blending mitts such as PROsunless “Wondermitts” to blend or correct if needed. The refined colour guide imparts an instantly bronzed tint to the skin. This bronzed tint will wash off during the first shower, to reveal a lasting, natural looking tan.


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