Nail Savers

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For those clients who also have sunbeds, NAILSAVERS offer 100% UV protection for manicures and prevent lifiting of acrylic nail treatments. Reusable & ready to wear right out of the bag.

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NailSavers™ offer 100% UV protection for manicures.

They are reusable and ready to wear right out of the bag. Nails don’t tan… they just turn yellow.
Keep them sparkling with NailSavers™

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Customers who have their nails done generally wait days to go to the tanning bed because the nails would yellow after the UV exposure.

The Nailsavers product has a UV agent impregnated into the raw material, and that’s what makes the Nailsavers such a quality product. Be wary of cheap imitations or substitutes – UV will penetrate any material not enhanced, offering a block 6%-10% of UV only.

They fit all finger sizes and how-to-size instructions are included in each package. Nailsavers come in a reusable ziplock that contains a set of ten plus one extra digit. Another benefit of this product is that they helps prevent lifting off of acrylic nail treatments.
The tanning beds dry the nailbed and often contribute to nails lifting, again contributing to additional problems with maintaining these expensive nail treatments when tanning.

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