The dreaded question – “Black or Blue-Black?”

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Your client books in for a lash tint. They lay down on the bed and you, the professional beauty therapist, ask the dreaded question.

“Black or Blue-Black?”

Sounds familiar?

Let’s face it, 90% of clients booking in for a lash tint EXPECT this question and (bar shades of brown for a more subtle look) these are the shades we are taught to use for accentuating the eyelashes. In this day-and-age, is it really enough that our clients still only have two choices? A client can walk into their local hairdresser and choose any hue from purple to green. Imagine if your hairdresser sat you down with a latte and proclaimed, “so will it be light or dark brown today?” You would no doubt question their abilities and leave!

Why is it then, that we as beauty professionals are set in our ways when it comes to colour? The good news is; we can do better.

Using RefectoCil Tints, can now tint lashes deep shades of violet, indigo, black-violet, mahogany (brown and red) and even black with a red-accent! Using tint Fashion shades can intensify the iris and accent the eyes, especially when the right hue is matched to a client’s own eye/hair colour. Banish the boring in your salon – not only will your clients love you for it, more choice allows you to set your salon apart from the rest.

Lash Tinting Ideas:

Pure black is an intensive, pure, luscious black, which is used for tinting the eyebrows of clients who have very dark, black hair. Deep black can be used on all clients who request a dramatic eye-catching look.

Graphite is a dark grey shade to discretely cover up grey/white hairs. Generally reserved for brows, by mixing in graphite to any colour, the colour is made cooler and is therefore particularly recommended for colder colourings.

Deep Blue is an intensive, dark blue tone, which is ideally suited for tinting the eyelashes of blondes with blue eyes.  The blue shade makes you look more seductive. Best for lighter hairs.

Light Brown is a natural, soft brown great for clients (like men!) who find it important to look natural.

Red is best for clients with red, coloured hair. On light to mid-blonde hair an intensive red is achieved. On dark brown hair, tinting produces a red shimmer.  Red is moreover ideal for mixing with other RefectoCil colours.  By mixing in some red, the colour becomes warmer and is thus particularly recommended for those with warm colourings.

Purple is a fantastic colour for blondes and light brunettes, however, can still be used with darker hair shades. This colour goes well with many different types of eye make up, such as purple, violet and blue.

There you have it… now get mixing!

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