Berodin has landed! Three reasons why you need it in your clinic.

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Have you heard the news?! Berodin Wax has landed at Cosmetologists! This, as we like to say, is the “pimp daddy” of all waxing systems… the one wax to rule them all… the wax of all waxes… 

There are several things that make up an excellent beauty therapist: training, expertise, and in our eyes, using the best wax is one of the most important. If you’re deciding between a few professional waxing brands, there are a few reasons that make Berodin Wax the best in the business… keep reading to understand why it’s so unique.

Two waxes are all you need
One of the glorious things about Berodin is that it includes just two waxes: one hard and one soft. A professional waxing kit that includes two waxes and one warmer saves money, space and time, but this also emphasizes the importance of skill.
We strongly believe in advanced education… if you master the product, service and system, then you can offer more streamlined services. Luckily, Berodin offers top-tier products and educational opportunities! Our Wax Queen, Lori, appeared in Associated Body Work & Massage Professionals’ Ask The Expert feature, where she addressed how to become that expert we’re discussing.

Berodin is a system, not just a wax
Berodin is an entire waxing system that offers so much more than just hard or soft wax. Every step of the waxing process is considered from the pre wax Lavender Antiseptic Lotion to the Post Wax Essential Oil and all the accessories in between. From the get-go, you have a network of products working together. Don’t choose a wax that you’ll need to scramble looking for a complementary post wax solution or warmer!

It’s a family legacy
If you know anything about Lori (the creator of Berodin), it’s probably that she’s better known as the Wax Queen. Maybe unbeknownst to you, Lori is also a key player in Berodin’s sister skin care line, Tu’el… as SWAAY reported in their article, we like to keep it “All In The Family.” Learn more about Lori here.

Read the article, and you’ll notice that Tu’el is dedicated to using natural ingredients that are safe to use on all ethnicities, skin tones, and skin types. That same dedication is seen in Berodin products… you can trust that Berodin Wax is safe for all skin types, and makes no discretion between curly and straight hair or between a man and woman… talk about offering streamlined services!

As they say, “the proof is in the pudding!” Try our wax for yourself and experience a new height of client satisfaction.

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