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Waxing is a beauty ritual that’s been practiced since ancient times, but has never been easy for either client or professional—until now.

Berodin is bringing waxing into this century with the latest polymer technology. Led by the belief that waxing should be a simple and affordable addition to your practice, our wax is gentle on skin, but effective on even tiny hairs. Our innovative blends can be warmed and applied at low heat, without the stickiness or rigidness of traditional hard waxes. Our formulas are designed to work on all genders, hair types, and skin tones, removing the guesswork from choosing the right wax for your client.



At the heart of a successful wax service is caring for the skin. Berodin was founded by a team of skincare professionals on a mission to make waxing healthier and safer for the skin without sacrificing results. Our system was developed to ensure that the wax adheres only to the hair, leaving the skin unharmed. Once the hair is gone, our gels and post-wax treatments pamper the skin and prevent normal reactions to hair removal.



With our streamlined system, two waxes are all you need: one hard and one soft to address any skin or hair type. Once you master our system, you don’t need more than one wax pot and two waxes. No multiple heaters, no multiple waxes, no time wasted.

Our system sounds simple because it is. We have everything you need, from warmers and spatulas to strips and lotions. Our products were designed to work synergistically to create a simple and efficient waxing practice.





At Berodin, we’ve been mixing pain with pleasure (and getting paid for it!) ever since our founder Lori first discovered wax over three decades ago.

Lori was working at her parents’ salon when she read about waxing in a magazine for the first time. Waxing was a new trend, and seemed like something they should offer at the salon, so Lori decided to learn everything she could.

Once Lori become a wax master herself, she began teaching the skill at trade shows and hosting classes that continue to this day.

A licensed esthetician and skin expert, Lori approaches waxing with a focus on maintaining skin health and minimizing reactions. Guided by Lori’s three decades of waxing and skincare expertise, Berodin is an industry leader specializing in high-tech, flexible waxes that protect and nurture the skin.


Berodin Wax is exclusive to Cosmetologists in New Zealand. We spent months working with this wax ourselves for months before bringing it into the country… needless to say, we are in absolute love! “Once you go blue, you never go back”


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