About Cosmetologists

We believe there is a better way to “do” beauty supplies. Investing in products for your beauty business shouldn’t be like rolling up to a used-car dealership. No lemons here! (Although technically speaking there are lemons in blemish control gel) We offer reliable, honest service with tried & tested brands. Never tested on animals – just ourselves!

Pictured above: (Left to Right) Ruby, James, Sylvie & Sarah (Meet our whole team)

Armed with espresso and years of experience owning a beauty clinic; my vision for Cosmetologists was simple. Why sell thirty different waxes, seven skincare lines and clutter an already crowded marketplace? I firmly believe to be a successful salon you do not need five different waxes, multiple skincare lines or unnecessary gadgets. Not only is it a waste of money, but also a waste of time. In 2018 I purchased Cosmetologists. Harking back to 2007, Cosmetologists was already well known for consumables and brow tints. Our wax, on the other hand, was sorely lacking. I embarked on a search for the next best thing…

One-hundred lattes later, and our wax line boasts one hot wax and two strip. It doesn’t know if you are a man or woman, what type of hair you have or what color your skin is. (Anyone trying to tell you otherwise fits in the aforementioned “car salesman” category.) We now partner with some killer lines from the USA, Europe, and Australia. I am thrilled to represent our brands in New Zealand. They do what they’re designed to do with killer accuracy. Almost unheard of in the modern beauty world!

Needless to say, I also owe a word of thanks to the girls at my salon who helped me test countless products over the past few years!

– James xx


: (plural) those licensed to provide cosmetic treatments to the hair, skin, and nails : Those trained in cosmetology : The baD-ass, kiwi-owned, beauty supply company of the same name