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Hennatician is the purest, most luxe Henna Brow brand on the market. A chemical-free alternative to eyebrow tinting used to stain the skin and hairs. Henna allows you to create fullness, filling in any sparseness of the brows. Henna is a natural dye made from a plant.

Brow Henna tints the hair and skin, for long-lasting, chemical-free brow colour, similar to permanent make-up.

We all know about brow tinting, but let’s face it – the chemicals in dye aren’t that flash (or healthy)! Being a natural plant, henna is a natural alternative to brow tinting with… more! Henna allows you to create the perfect shade, custom-mixed based on hair color, skin tone, skin type, and preferences. Containing NO ammonia or peroxide, which means NO drying out of the skin, this brand is skin-safe, plant-based, vegan, and cruelty-free.

“We combine the ancient tradition of applying henna for eyebrows with the practices of modern medicine to achieve unrivalled results in henna eyebrow treatments.”

-The Hennatician

We only use Egyptian henna which is the purest and strongest henna available today. The henna is carefully grown, processed and shipped to Australia and manufactured into products according to the strictest Australian standards. Our henna is not just another henna product, but the finest, purest and strongest that you’ll find anywhere in the world.

Hennatician brow henna is PPD free – many other big-name brands of henna (we won’t name them but Google their ingredients we dare you!) on the market still contain p-phenylenediamine (PPD) which has been known to cause irritations and in worse cases, respiratory distress and renal failure! Don’t use second-rate henna.

We’ve worked to develop the safest and most effective techniques for henna eyebrow applications. The result is a superior henna dye that goes on faster, lasts longer and gives a more natural, powdery fuller-looking eyebrow.



Nicole Jane – the Hennatician

My Henna Story

I have always been in awe of henna’s power to change lives.

Steeped in ancient traditions of celebration, ceremony, marriage and fertility, henna is a potent symbol of feminine empowerment and liberation. Henna has allowed women to work, socialise and express themselves in conservative cultures across Arabia and Asia.

I’ve travelled the world in search for the highest quality henna and found its strongest and purest form in Egypt, where it has been used for over 6000 years. (Queen Cleopatra herself is said to have used henna to adorn her body.)

I have delved deep into the origins of the henna plant. I have witnessed its path from seed to product. I’ve seen its transformative powers from living and working closely with people in different cultures and across continents.

The product that I now present for you is Henna Brow by the Hennatician.

With expertise drawn from 14 years of experience in the paramedical and beauty industry, my mission is to bring this mystical product to the present day by combining it with modern medical techniques.

We are the only company that works with medical professionals to offer you in-depth knowledge of the application of henna based on its chemistry and reactions with the human body.

Our one-of-a-kind teaching program and training kits provide beauty professionals a comprehensive understanding of henna on a molecular level.

This understanding gives beauty professionals the opportunity to provide their clients with an effective, natural and long-lasting alternative to chemical eyebrow tinting.

Join the Comestic Henna Revolution today.