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Offer your clients more… for less!

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The trick to setting your clinic apart from the rest is added value. If your client feels as though they receive more from your clinic than anywhere else, they are 50% more likely to return. It really is that simple.

Clinic A offers a lash tint but clinic B offers a lash tint with a complementary nourishing under-eye mask. Clinic A prices their lash tint at $20. Clinic B’s lash tint is also $20. Guess what? Price is suddenly a non-issue. Unless either clinic is prepared to take a hit on their margins (not something we recommend), the next logical option is “added value”.

What can you offer your clients that nobody else does?

Consider what you can add to a treatment to increase its allure. These small additions don’t even have to cost you!

Here are 4 of our favorite “value-add” solutions that don’t cost any extra:

1. Lash Tint with an under-eye treatment mask

Contrary to conventional barrier creams or petroleum jelly, Refectocil Skin Protection Cream offers not only protection but also intensive care for the eyelids. Shea butter, almond oil, chamomile, vitamin E and D nourish – for a 2 in 1 treatment.

2. The Post-Wax Wonder

Got an extra few minutes at the end of that leg wax? Instead of slapping on that Jasmine Oil haphazardly, spend a few extra minutes rubbing it in luxuriously. Instant mini massage = one happy client. And heck, it cost absolutely nothing in any extra product!

3. Dress up that brow tint!

You wouldn’t let a client leave their wax appointment without applying post-lotion, right? So why let them walk out of a brow tint appointment un-dressed? Introducing Styling Gel! The unique colour protect formula shields the lashes and brows so they appear freshly tinted for a longer time. D-Panthenol binds moisture and provides shine. In addition, unruly hair is fixed in the desired position. Ideal for finishing a lash or brow styling treatment in salon using disposable mascara wand/brush. Bonus points for retailing them to your clients after.

4. Take home mascara wands

Lash extension services are nothing unless proper aftercare is followed. Once you’ve crafted a beautiful set of lashes, send your client home with a disposable mascara wand for them to comb their lashes with each morning. Costing all of 36 cents per wand, never hear another complaint of “wonky” morning lashes again!

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