Our Dermaplaning & Dermal Needling classes are advanced masterclasses. These are at ‘post-graduate’ level designed to up skill those already in the beauty industry.

To attend you MUST:

  • hold a Beauty Therapy Certificate or Diploma (this can be in New Zealand or International)
  • be a Nurse, Dentist or Dental Assistant

If you are not a beauty therapist but have attended a short course in eyelash extensions, permanent makeup, henna brows or similar, unfortunately this is not sufficient.

These treatments are medical-grade and can cause serious harm to the skin (even for those qualified). We require these prerequisites for a number of reasons. Please don’t be offended if you are unsuitable to train, we don’t mean to cause affront! As a member of the New Zealand Beauty Association, we also abide by their code of ethics, and are committed to upholding the highest standards of training.

Some rouge operators may offer to train unsuitable candidates in these treatments. This is extremely dangerous and puts our entire industry at risk. Knowledge of basic anatomy, first aid, skincare, the structure of the skin and facial muscles, are just some of the modalities that short courses cannot teach.

Thank you for your understanding!

If you’re interested in these advanced treatments, you might like to consider studying beauty therapy!

All New Zealanders who have completed less than half a full-time year of post-school education or training may be eligible to study fees-free. Check out: https://www.elitebeautyschool.co.nz/fees-free/