Brow Henna

Brow Henna is a chemical-free alternative to eyebrow tinting that is used to stain the skin and hairs. Henna allows you to create fullness, filling in any sparseness of the brows. Henna is a natural dye made from a plant.

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      White brow paste is a total game-changer for brow mapping during henna services! This white brow paste helps to sculpt & define the brow shape and creates a clean, defined barrier for flawless henna application. By using brow paste, your shape can easily be designed and isolated, allowing for accurate…

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      Our pre-inked black eyebrow mapping string will allow for accurate measurement of your client’s brows. The black ‘ink’ is more of a charcoal dust, so will not stain the skin but holds firmly until you wipe it off. 10m to a pack – simply pull out and cut to length…

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      Do you want to learn the art of a Hennatician? This complete henna brow treatment kit is for you.

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      This Alkaline based formula gently balances the surface skin area and hair in preparation for the application of our treatments. By gently lifting up surface oils and naturally opening the hair cuticle and infusing plant based collagens into the cells, Alkaline Bath is the ultimate preparation product and is a…

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      Henna pigments and henna correctors by the Hennatician are created from the highest quality Egyptian Henna and made in Australia according to strict manufacturing standards. 6 pigments 12 different colour possibilities. Are you looking for the finest henna pigments on the market? Henna pigments and henna correctors by the Hennatician…

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      Use our Henna Brow hand mixer to achieve a perfect consistency each and every application. To use simply insert two AA batteries and push in the black mixing stick and press the button on the back.

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      Ultra fine water molecules help the Henna Brow pigments stay hydrated during the Staining stage, the nano mister is to take the place of manually re-wetting with your application brush. Benefits of using a Nano mister vs Re-wetting with a brush Use less product Raise humidity levels and allow the…

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      Our white Brow pencil is a wax based pencil ideal for mapping out your brow shape before applying Henna.

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      Henna Brow pigments must be prepared in a non-metallic dish. This glass dappen dish is ideal for mixing and preparing Henna Brow pigments and correctors before application. Made with glass, it is easily disinfected and aids the hygienic preparation of henna or tinting treatments.

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