Our one-of-a-kind brow henna treatment kits and training program offer the opportunity to provide clients with a long-lasting, natural and effective alternative to chemical brow tinting. Brow Henna tints the hair and skin, for long-lasting, chemical-free brow colour, similar to permanent make up. Our henna is not just another henna product, but the finest, purest and strongest that you’ll find anywhere in the world.
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    We are often asked, “what is the difference between brow tinting and henna brows?” 🤷‍♀️

    Brow Tinting

    Eyebrow tinting uses a colour pigment (usually based on dye/PPD). This colour is mixed with a peroxide 'oxidant' to activate the colour on the hair. It is quick to process and lasts around 3-4 weeks. Tints come in a range of shades for colour-matching to each clients desired shade/depth.

    Brow Henna

    Henna is a natural product except for the colour developer accelerant and it creates a softer, more matte finish. It stains the skin as well as colouring the hair, so it can fill in any gaps – great for clients with sparse eyebrows. The colour molecules attach in a different way to tint so it can also be great for very blonde or white/grey brows. It does take a bit longer to process but will last up to a week or two on the skin (depending on oiliness and cleansing routine) and around 4-6 weeks on the hairs.

    Henna is a plant and is grown in hot climates. It has been used for thousands of years, primarily in India but also in other desert countries such as the Middle East and Africa.

    At Hennatician, we use Egyptian henna, which is the purest, finest henna available on the market. As the plant is grown overseas, it is very common for production to be located close to the source. Cosmetic laws are very loose in these countries, and manufacturing processes unregulated. We ship our Egyptian henna to Australia and manufacture it there. Under strict Australian standards, you can be confident this is a safe product.


    Why Brow Henna?

    ✔ Tint both the hair and skin for a full brow look

    ✔ This is much more natural – no peroxide or chemical dyes needed

    ✔ Better for sensitive skins (less chance of a reaction)

    ✔ Penetrates the hair follicle and stains the skin so lasts longer

    ✔ Saves time filling in sparse or uneven brows

    ✔ The ultimate consultation tool – show your clients what their new brow tattoo will look like (avoid that first appointment “shock” factor so may clients get)

    ✔ Hennatician is the safest, purest brow henna product on the market formulated without PPD or dye