Brush Sanitiser – 100ml

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Looking after brush bristles will extend the life of makeup brushes incredibly, the one step Brush Sanitizer & Cleaner, cleanses, sanitizes & conditions all in one easy step, without stripping the life from the natural bristle. This product will also speed up the post cleanse drying time. Effectively sanitizes brushes to provide a fresh and clean application every time.

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Formulated with quality ingredients this is a super efficient yet gentle makeup brush cleaner that will dissolve all makeup residue and will leave your brushes feeling soft and clean. This product is meant for day or day brush cleaning & sanitizing and should not be substituted for a deep cleaner.

Directions for Use:

Spray the bristles of the desired makeup brush with Brush Sanitizer & Cleaner; then take a paper towel and swirl around to remove the product.

Another great way (if you are more of a liberal type) is to saturate a section of the paper towel with Brush Sanitizer & Cleaner and then swirl the brush around until the colour is removed!

Packaging/ Ease of Use:

The pump is consistent, with good flow. Very easy to use, will require a paper towel or facecloth to help remove the product from the brush!

Smell/ Consistency :

Has no smell at all and is the same consistency as water.

  • If you don’t know what sort of brush you have, poke the brush into a small drop of water. Synthetic brushes do not absorb very well, which is why they’re preferred for liquid makeup. A natural hair brush will pick the water right up.
  • If it’s possible, brushes love to be hung up so bristles point to the floor.
  • If you are in a hurry, Alcohol wipes can be used as a quick way to clean brushes, but the wipes will not work as well as a good washing & they will strip the natural bristles.
  • Never set a wet brush upright on its handle!
  • Do not use heat on your brushes! Let them dry at their own pace.


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