Dermaplaning Training

Dermaplaning is a safe procedure for exfoliating the epidermis and ridding the skin of fine vellus hair (peach fuzz) of the face.

Our training course is a one-day masterclass covering a mix of theory and practical application. You will see, feel and perform a dermaplaning treatment on the day.

Check our training calendar for the next workshop dates!

Dermaplaning is a great addon treatment to work in with your existing facial menu to offer clients instant, visible results without downtime. A controlled method of exfoliation, removing both vellus hair and dead skin, dermaplaning is a non-invasive treatment suitable for the majority of skin types.

Our starter kit enables you to perform 25 treatments so you can hit the ground running post-training. With the potential to charge $50-100 per treatment, you have the potential to earn a minimum of $1250 in revenue.

This course is run by our accredited head trainer Sylvie who has over 20 years of experience in the industry and includes certification, workbook, and support post-training. We work on models on the day as well as covering the theory aspects. Trainees will see, feel and perform a dermaplaning treatment as part of training.


Included with training

  • Workbook and training notes
  • Client forms
  • Aftercare and marketing material to use
  • Full starter kit enough to perform 25 treatments
  • Support post-training from our training team

Check our training calendar for the next workshop dates!

Additional information


• Certificate or diploma in beauty therapy
• Semi-permanent makeup artist
• Nurse, dentist, doctor

If your qualification does not appear, please do enquire, but your qualification does need to be within the health and beauty sector.

Starter Kit Contents

25x Size 15 Blades, 25x Size 10 Blades, 25x Size 14 Blades, 2x Handles, 1x Blade Remover Unit, x5 Size 10R Blades, x1 Box Black Nitrile Gloves, Assortment of samples of cleansers, sunscreen, serums and mask, x1 Pack Alcohol Prep Pads (70% IPA).