Disposable Pro Mascara Wands Curved – 25 Pack


25 Pack of Black Disposable Mascara Wands, Curved. Great for hygienic make-up application, brushing lashes (give to your clients as after-care to help keep their lash extensions in check) and even brushing eyebrows.

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These professional grade disposable mascara wands are of the highest quality and a must for sanitary application of any brand of mascara, whether it is a tube or dry cake. These 4″ long curved head wands feature a spiral nylon fiber brush head for optimal lash separation. Always use a new disposable brush to help prevent the spread of bacteria by dipping the disposable wand into mascara once only, apply to lashes, and then throw away. Each pack contains 25 applicators. Hygenic and practical for makeup application and training.


Using Curved Mascara Wands: If your lashes tend to stick straight out or down, use a curved mascara wand. Curved brushes are made with your natural eye shape in mind, and will open up your lashes and wing them out. Holding the brush with the curve facing down, wriggle it through your lashes to give your lashes a lift.


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