F-ANTI-OX 25ml (5 x 5ml) – Photoageing

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Potent formula targeting free radicals; photo-ageing

Based on Superoxide dismutase, an enzyme that helps break down potentially harmful oxygen molecules in cells, which may prevent damage to tissues.

Superoxide dismutase is an enzyme found in all living cells and is also effective against wrinkles, for rebuilding tissue and for treating pain and swelling (inflammation).

The formula also contains Vitamin C and Glutathione, well known strong anti-oxidants that prevent and correct pigmentation and act as collagen boosters. To complete this potent blend of anti-oxidants Sodium Pyruvate (the salt of pyruvic acid) is also added as a main source of energy for cellular metabolism.

Additional information

Weight 137.9 g
This Mesotherapy Vial is for

Key Ingredients

Superoxide dismutase
Vitamin C
Sodium pyruvate


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