F-XFC+ 25ml (5 x 5ml) – Antiageing

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Cellular nutrition to prevent and reduce the signs of skin ageing.


F-XFC formula is a skin booster based on more than 63 active ingredients. The main function of XFC is to boost the stem cells and increase the cellular metabolism. This exclusive blend contains all the nutrients for the cells and all the molecules involved in the Krebs cycle. These nutrients are essentials for the cells to produce ATP (cellular energy). F-XFC+ is an enhanced formula containing hyaluronic acid and growth factors for a stronger action.

Use with electroporation, fractional meso or with other transdermal delivery devices.

Fusion Mesotherapy

Size: 5 x 5ml Vials
Treatment for: Anti-ageing
Age Group: 40+
Areas: face, neck, decollete

NO animal testing

Additional information

Weight 110.0 g
This Mesotherapy Vial is for

Key Ingredients

4 Minerals
23 amino acids
18 vitamins
6 co-enzymes
5 nucleic acids
2 reducing agents
EGF & FGF growth factor
Hyaluronic acid


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