Gel Soak Off Foil Wraps x 100


Box of 100 foil wraps with an absorbent sponge. For fingers & toes.

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How to use:

1. Prepare your foil nail wraps, featuring an absorbent sponge by fully saturating the sponge of the remover wrap with the acetone polish remover.

2. Wrap the foil around finders and toes with the sponge directly over the area of polish to be removed.

3. Wrap the foil tightly to ensure the remover does not evaporate.

4. The foil wraps must remain over nails for 10 minutes minimum, check once to see if fully removed, if not, re-tighten and leave for longer, more remover may be added to sponge if required.

Weight150.0 g
Dimensions12 × 8.5 × 7 cm


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