Grey Cushion File – 100/180 Grit


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80, 100 & 120 grit files are defined as “coarse” best used for removing & shortening the length of overlays (also very popular for dense toenails, care required).

180 grit files are used to contour the whole nail; to prep natural nail before applying any product and also during manicures to shorten or shape the natural free edge.

The reinforced centres of “cushioned” files are industry favorites as this makes them less likely to break during use, many prefer the solid less flex feel these provide.

Quality: Standard Half-Moon
Size: 7″ x 3/4″
Grit Rating: 100-180
Colour (paper): Zebra Grey
Colour (centre): Pink
Washable: Yes
Sanitizable: Yes
Cushioned: Yes

Price is per file. BUy as many as you need – at this price you can afford to dispose of files after each client for the strictest levels of hygiene!

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