Hennatician Training – Learn Brow Henna (includes kit + certification)


Learn how to provide professional eyebrow henna treatments in your salon. Our training includes a full starter kit and certification. Read on👇  for more information or hit Register to book a class now!


Steeped in ancient traditions of celebration, ceremony, marriage and fertility, henna is a potent symbol of feminine empowerment and liberation. We’re excited to bring you a new revolution in eyebrow treatment. Hennatician by the Hennatician is a semi-perm treatment range.

Your decision to become expertly trained will enable you to be a highly skilled and confident Hennatician. Eye Brow henna is a relatively new treatment that has popped up across the world as an alternative to traditional eyebrow tinting. It has never been widely used on the face until now.


Why Hennatician?

  • Henna creates a 1-3 week “skin stain” and 5-6 week “hair stain,” to temporarily replace their makeup. The long-lasting hair stain is fabulous for blondes who colours their hair dark, and anyone with platinum/greying brows.
  • The perfect shade is custom-mixed based on hair colour, skin tone, skin type, and preferences. Hennatician products contain NO ammonia or peroxide, which means NO drying out of the skin! This brand is skin-safe, plant-based, vegan, and cruelty-free.
  • Henna looks beautiful from the moment they walk out the door… Hello, instant gratification!
  • The shade range is simple & the process is straightforward.
  • It’s scientific; Once you learn the exact science of cosmetic henna, your results will be consistent and predictable.
  • You’ll be seeing your clients every 2-6 weeks (hellooo, loyalty)!
  • You can customize your henna process with waxing, threading, mini facials, lashes, and so much more, to offer this as a high-ticket luxury service.
  • You can use henna to transition anxious clients to permanent makeup services, and discontinue offering “free consultations.”


Course Content:

  • What is henna
  • The science of Henna and why it matters for longevity
  • Application and removal
  • Reactivating for the ultimate staining power
  • Patch testing
  • Contraindications and safe salon procedures
  • How to mix Hennatcian pigment
  • How to work with the 6 Hennatician pigment colours (including blondes and how to achieve an ash-blonde)⠀

To suit the needs of the average student and condense a wealth of information into one day, in-depth brow mapping is not covered. It will only be briefed during the demonstration. Prior to class, we recommend completing our free henna brow mapping tutorial.



Our Henna Brow training course cost is currently $490 (+GST), which includes a full starter kit.

The starter kit contains everything you need to get going, well over $600 in value. Allowing you to perform 150+ sets of brows (dependant on clientele), our one-day course is designed to allow you to hit the ground running post-training.


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Hennatician Training - Learn Brow Henna (includes kit + certification)