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Get smooth, bump free nails in moments with Trio Buffer. It flattens ridges, smoothes and shines nails to a glass like flawless finish. Ridges make the natural nail look dull, unhealthy, and very hard to apply nail polish. Bumpy ridges will split colour and cause streaking. This Trio Buffer remedies the problem; it flattens, smoothes, and shines to a ‘glass-like’ finish.

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Directions of use:

1. Buff Ridges

2. Smooth Nail

3. Miracle Shine.

Always buff from side to side across the nail. When using for the first time use all three steps.

Thereafter use 3 to bring back the shine and 1 & 2 on new nail growth only.

Use only a few strokes and be careful not to over buff your nails

Tired of keeping three different buffers at hand just to give your clients that hypnotic shine that they crave? Try out this three way buffer. It contains three different levels of abrasiveness in one convenient instrument. You can switch back and forth between three different intensities without even putting your hands down!

Here’s how it works: side one is covered with the most abrasive buffer surface for smoothing out the nails. Turn the instrument over and you will find two additional surfaces. Use all three consecutively from most to least abrasive in order to get that unbelievable shine that classic 3-Way buffers are famous for.

The buffer is constructed in a form similar to the appearance of a standard nail file, giving it a classic look and making it easy to store in any nail salon or mobile nail technician kit.

The 3-Way Buffer is perfectly ready for sanitation. It is fully immersible in water, allowing you to protect your clients from unwanted germs.

Weight15.0 g
Dimensions18 × 2 × 2 cm


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