Large Plastic Spatula


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This spatula will cut down your waxing time of large body parts by 50% or more. Holds a generous amount of wax for more complete coverage. Able to be sterilized for reuse. Use only with Berodin Aqua or Black.

How to use:

We recommend doing the 10 spatula rotation. Have an opaque container with about 2 inches of Wax Off. Dip the spatula in the wax, wipe the wax off on the client, spread the wax, and deposit the spatula in the Wax Off. Take a clean spatula and repeat. At the end of that client remove the spatulas from the solvent and wipe with one of the sanitizing wipes or hospital grade disinfectant.



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Cleaning the Large spatulas with Berodin Wax Off and sanitizing wipes.

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Large Plastic Spatula


In stock