Latex-free Make Up Wedge Sponges – Disposable x 24


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The art of beauty application requires the right cosmetic tools or accessories to create a flawless finish. One of those necessary tools, are our top quality cosmetic sponges for perfecting your makeup application. Our latex free polyurethane foam sponges are designed exclusively for the beauty industry’s cosmetic applications.

Best Used With:

• Liquid foundation
• Illuminator
• Concealers to cover dark circles


• Wedges absorb less and give you the ability to apply right amount of makeup in every application.
• It reaches out for hard and smaller areas too.
• As it does not absorb the makeup, it extends the life of your makeup.
• Minimizes the wastage of product.
• Best suitable for all liquid applications.


Our latex free cosmetic sponges are compatible with virtually all makeup formulas and ideal for creams, liquids and powders. Blend eye shadow, concealer, foundation and contour powder with our triangular sponge wedges. Cosmetic sponges are also an excellent choice for correcting makeup “mistakes” too.

These latex free sponges can be washed and reused, but they are priced for disposable use. We always recommend you use a clean sponge for each application. Our latex free makeup sponges are odorless and safe for those who are allergic or sensitive to latex. Each cosmetic sponge block of 24 is individually wrapped in a heat sealed bag for cleanliness and hygienic purposes.

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