RefectoCil Lift/Curl Refill – Perm Solution & Neutralizer


Lash Curl Solution & Neutraliser 2 pack 1 each refill.

3.5ml. 18 Applications.

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For use with either the RefectoCil Lash Curl or Lash Lift system. Perm & Neutraliser Solutions sold together (contains 1 tube of each) – 18 applications per pack.


Working in a record time of just 13 minutes total, the lash curl effect lasts up to 6 weeks!

  1. Apply perming solution – 8 min.
  2. Apply neutralizer solution – 5 min.
  3. Tint lashes while they still are on the pad – 2 min.

NOTE: Shelf life is 2 months from date of opening. At 18 applications per tube, this works out at only needing to perform 2 lash lifts per week.


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