Mini Crystal File

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Crystal nail files are the essential manicure tool for natural nails. Specially designed, ever-lasting abrasive, surface wash, sanitize or sterilize for repeated use. Crystal files prevent natural nails from splitting & peeling. Available in pink, green, blue, and yellow colours (no difference other than colour).

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Glass nail files are like crème de la crème of the nail care industry. There is simply no grander way to make a statement of the quality of your service, than by investing in a collection of these absolutely breathtaking cut glass nail files.

While the original idea for glass nail files originated in Switzerland over fifty years ago; today, glass nail files are produced primarily in the Czech Republic, a nation well known for its high reputation in the traditional glass industry. Each file is guaranteed safe and free from harmful substances by the Czech State Institute of Health in Prague.

These files really are priceless in that there is no way to measure the benefit that you will receive from them. A client whose nails are treated with an exquisite cut glass nail file KNOWS that they are receiving superior service. How can you put a price tag on that?

Glass nails files come in a variety of styles and can even make a great gift for the right person.

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Weight 100 g
Dimensions 10 × 5 × 2 cm

Random, Yellow, Blue, Green, Pink


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