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Non Acetone.

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Non-acetone removers will be gentler to the nail than an Acetone remover.

So what’s in these removers, anyway? Acetone is a clear, harsh-smelling and highly flammable liquid. It’s a solvent, capable of disintegrating even plastic. This explains why it works so quickly breaking apart and removing your nail polish. Isopropyl alcohol is typically used in the making of acetone.

The key active ingredient in non-acetone removers is usually ethyl acetate. Made from ethanol and acetic acid, ethyl acetate is colorless and also flammable. In addition to also being used as a solvent, its fragrant smell has led to its use in perfumes.
Most of your nail polish removers are going to include solvents as ingredients. Because of acetone’s strength as a solvent, it shouldn’t be used on your fake nails (unless you actually want to remove them). The solvent in the polish remover will weaken your extensions and cause them to separate from your natural nail.

One of the reasons non-acetone nail polish removers were created was to be used on nail extensions.
But for removing sparkly, glitter nail polish, sometimes it’s best to go with the big guns — acetone polish remover. The chemicals in glitter nail polish make it more difficult than other polishes to break down.

Non Acetone is by far the better option for the condition of nails.

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