Platinum Tip 9 (20 Pack)

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The 9 needle cartridge incorporates a bevelled edge type design that works to effectively reduce suction from tip to skin, and to allow product to flow freely through the needles and under the tip. This technology eliminates the build-up of product in or around the edge of the cartridge and enhances the penetration of the bespoke cocktail used within the treatment.

For patient comfort the needles are 33g ultra sharp, and of the highest quality, encased in biocompatible medical plastic. The cartridges benefit from anti-back flow technology, to prevent product or bodily fluids from entering the device and eliminating the chance of cross-contamination.


Individually wrapped sterile, disposable needles for our meso pen platnium.

Note: there are many microneedling pens on the market and our tips are designed to fit our Fusion Meso Pen Platnium and Meso Pen Black.

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Weight 140.5 g


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