Platinum Tip 1 (Pack of 20)

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These needles only fit the Meso Pen Platinum. (If you have a Meso Pen Black with USB connector you need to purchase Black Tip 9 instead)


The single (mono) needle is designed for precision work.

For patient comfort the needles are 33g ultra sharp, and of the highest quality, encased in biocompatible medical plastic. The cartridges benefit from anti-back flow technology, to prevent product or bodily fluids entering the device and eliminating the chance of cross-contamination.

Note that these cartridges come packaged as a box of 20 pieces.

Additional information

Weight104.1 g
General Safety Rules

– Be sure to check if there is any damage to the packaging before unsealing the product – Keep away from children – The product is sterile and for single use. Do not re-use and dispose of accordingly. – Professional use only – Always inspect the tip before use – Do not use the tip with another / different customer – Do not use on the eye lids – Apply only on healthy skin. Do not use on infected skin, acne, herpes, clients with blood clotting problems, poor healing, eczema, psoriasis, fungal infection, wounds, moles – Before you start a full procedure on a large area, especially on the face, always try first on a small area to test whether there will be any excess redness or any other undesired reactions – Leave a downtime period of 2-3 weeks between treatments for the skin to recover


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Platinum Tip 1 (Pack of 20)

Pro Only. Login/Register for pricing.