Flocked Teardrop Lip Gloss Applicator – 25 Pack


This unique single-use flocked lip gloss applicator with black handle is perfect for testing lip gloss or lipstick in a retail setting. The flexible, teardrop-shaped tip allows for a smooth and efficient application.

These applicators are great to use when multiple brush use on a job is not practical or sanitary. They can also be used to dab on your favorite concealer to a specific area for blending. Most of all these applicators will not collapse or shred under pressure, and will allow you to apply your cosmetics in a very hygienic manner without contaminating your lip or concealing products.

Each pack contains 25 applicators. Hygenic and practical for make up application and training.


Total Length: 94mm

Black Handle length: 79mm

Arrow Flex Point Length: 15mm


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Our quality disposable lip applicator allows for precision application without the risk of infecting clients with herpes and other nasty infections.  This lip brush tip is perfect for makeup parties and for teenagers who often share lippy without knowing the risks.  Lipsticks should be wiped with an alcohol wipe and never load your lip brush directly from the product – decant onto the back of your hand or to a palette with a spatula.  Remember, as a makeup pro, you don’t know if your client has an infection and you don’t want to pass any harmful germs on to your next client or model.

Weight35.0 g
Dimensions10 × 10 × 2 cm


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