RefectoCil LongLash Conditioner


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Each woman wants long, healthy, shining and beautiful eyelashes and eyebrows, RefectoCil LongLash conditioner makes their wish come true! Not only does coloured hair need special treatment, but also tinted eyelashes and eyebrows. Recommend the daily use of RefectoCil LongLash to your clients, they will be more satisfied with the quality of the tint, because the tint penetrates better and keeps its intensity longer on healthy hair. Made of rich plant oils and enriched with active substances and vitamins, RefectoCil LongLash Conditioner helps eyelashes and brows to remain healthy, long, strong, shiny and beautiful.

If used on a daily basis one tube of RefectoCil LongLash Balm lasts for about 6 weeks!


Key Ingredients:

  • Vitamin E has been known to help improve hair growth. It contains antioxidants and helps improve circulation, all of which are beneficial to hair health and growth.
  • D-Panthenol is known as a¬†rejuvenating¬†moisturizer and soothing agent. D-Panthenol helps improve the flexibility and strength of your lashes, making them more durable.
  • Glycerin also has moisturizing benefits. Glycerin can help improve the smoothness of your lashes and prevent them from drying out.

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