Tea Light 9 Hour x 50


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This is a bulk pack of 50 Tea Lights / Nightlights. The C.T.S. Cosmetologists Tea Light / Night Light Candles have an extra long burn time of up to 9 hours; when used with appropriate oil burners or tea light holders.

Burn Time : Up to 9 hours
Dimensions : 3.5cm wide by 2.5cm high
Wax : White Unscented Paraffin
Wick : Anchored
Encased: Thin Metal Cup

These unscented solid wax candles are classical white in colour. Perfect for anyone looking to create a romantic atmosphere all night long, with no interruptions.

Tealights / Night Lights should only ever be burned within an approved tealight holder.

We are leading wholesalers to the Beauty & Spa industrys, we also sell to 5 star Hotels & Resturants, our candles are offered at exceptional prices due to the huge qty of these we sell every year.

A tealight (also written tea-light or tea light), or nightlight, is a candle encased in a thin metal or plastic cover so that the candle can liquefy completely while lit. They are typically small, circular, wider than their height. Because of their small size and low level of light, multiple tealights are often burned simultaneously.

Tealights, in addition to being used as Votive candles, are often used to heat fondue and as food warmers. They are also suitable for accent lighting and for heating scented oil.

The wick is tethered to a piece of metal to stop it from floating to the top of the molten wax and burning out before the wax does.

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Tea Light 9 Hour x 50


Out of stock