White Paste for Brow Henna / Brow Mapping – 30g

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White brow paste is a total game-changer for brow mapping during henna services!

This white brow paste helps to sculpt & define the brow shape and creates a clean, defined barrier for flawless henna application. By using brow paste, your shape can easily be designed and isolated, allowing for accurate henna placement and crisp results.

  • Opaque White Color
  • Soft, smooth texture and consistency
  • Easily applies using your favourite flat or angled brush
  • Creates clean, defined edges for flawless henna brow application
  • Designed SPECIFICALLY for use during henna brow services with henna compatible ingredients (NO metallic reactions!)
  • Removes easily with water


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White Paste for Brow Henna / Brow Mapping - 30g