Mediwipes Surface Disinfecting Wipes


Wipe out cross-infection with Mediwipes, disposable hospital-grade disinfecting wipes.

Mediwipes disinfectant towelettes contain Ethanol, a rapid active agent against organic matter. The inclusion of cetrimide and Chlorohexidine provides hospital-grade cleaning and disinfecting in one action. With Mediwipes no pre-cleaning of a surface is required.

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Each wipe contains:

  • Ethanol: Kills bacteria by cell coagulation and dehydration
  • Chlorhexidine-Gluconate: Disinfects equipment surfaces
  • Cetrimide: An antiseptic and detergent used for cleaning utensils, surgical instrument and wounds


  • Eliminate bacterial contaminant from all surfaces and utensils
  • Inactivate HIV and HSV (Herpes) viruses
  • Pleasant aroma


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