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Since 2007, Cosmetologists have been supplying salons, spas, beauty therapists, schools, make-up artists and beauty professionals. We are 100% New Zealand owned, bringing you the best from around the world.

At Cosmetologists NZ

We like to shake things up and think outside the box

We believe that pro-grade beauty should be fun, empowering, and accessible to all professionals, no matter their age, gender, background or business size.

We’ve done away with minimum orders, slow shipping and complicated order forms. Oh, and our products? They’re magic in a bottle (or jar, or tube, or palette…)

It is often said, ‘true beauty comes from within’, so why buy beauty supplies from those outside of the industry? Many of the team have owned or managed salons themselves, so we truely know what it takes to hit the high notes. Whether you’re a solo operator, multi-room salon or something in between – we’ve got you covered. We only sell what we truly love and we personally know the people behind them (seriously, we’re on texting terms!) and we can’t wait to share them with you.

Not a professional? We’ve got products for you too! Many of our products (but not quite all) can be purchased for home use too.

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Bringing you the best from around the world:

What our customers have to say…

Cosmetologists is an incredible supplier. I love how friendly and involved they are. James is great at responding fast to emails and enquires, which makes life so easy. I have received a tuel training and dermal needling and found both very easy to book/arrange. They have created a comfortable space to do the trainings and it makes you feel part of there family. There stock is some of the best products I have used! I highly rate all of there products and absolutely love the wax and tan range. Orders are shipped out incredibly fast, I receive most the next day if ordered before a certain time, I have also found collection of products from there building very easy for clients too. These products are game changers! What an incredible team.

Monique P.

Absolutely cannot recommend Cosmetologists enough, every time I make contact with them I receive consistent, quality service. Pricing is more than reasonable and all team members are passionate , not only about the many products they supply but also in assisting my salon on up skilling with their training programs. Their extensive knowledge and skill are truly unmatched. Janet from JayC's Beauty.

Janet W.

Awesome service and super fast shipping. I can get everything I need from here and just get on with it. I'll be a regular here for sure.

Steph Y.

I absolutely love cosmetologists! I just cant recommend them highly enough. Not only pro beauty supplies which are second to none but the on going support and mentoring. James has helped me navigate through many mazes over the last couple of years! They provide amazing training which I have been able to implement immediately in salon but also care for you afterwards with any issues you have.

Mandy G.

I really enjoyed henna training and from a long term perspective I love most that you still continue to help me through all my questions about the service xx that to me is the kind of stuff I appreciate so so much ❤️❤️

Milly R.