Let’s Talk About Peels

If lackluster winter skin has many of your clients frustrated, it’s time to talk to them about peels. Peel treatments, especially in the winter months, are one of […]

Introducing Tuel’s Newest Sunscreen

Introducing Tuel’s latest breakthrough in sun protection – Daily Defense Serum Mineral Sunscreen, a game-changer eagerly anticipated by skincare professionals. This innovative sunscreen boasts a broad Spectrum SPF […]

Should I use Setting Powder after a Spray Tan?

“Should I use a setting powder after my tan,” you ask? Here’s our take: What is a setting powder anyway? Tan setting powders are specially formulated powders designed […]

Our Team’s Favourite Products for Summer 2023

We asked our team what their summer must-have’s were…. Courtney – Tuel Peel & Heal Kit While wearing sunscreen is always number one, a close second is pro-grade […]

How to Find The Perfect Tan Colour Base

(Green, Violet, Ash, Caramel & Brown Bases… what’s the difference?)
There are many many many many tanning products on the market. Between self-tanners and spray tan solutions – we almost have too many options!

Strip Wax – Cartridges vs. Tins (and which is better?)

Every day, New Zealanders throw away an estimated 159 grams of plastic waste per person. That’s 1.1kg of plastic per person, each week! Making us some of the […]

Meet the Tuel Peel & Heal Kit!

Just in time for the holidays… It’s time to breathe new life into your salon with Tuel’s new Peel & Heal Mini Kit. Just in time to address […]

Health & Hygiene Guidelines for salons at Level 2

Level two is here for NZ regions outside of Auckland from midnight Tuesday 7th September. “What do I do at level 2 again,” you find yourself asking? Here […]

Who is not a suitable candidate for dermaplaning?

Dermaplaning, sometimes called epidermal levelling, is a safe procedure for exfoliating the epidermis and ridding the skin of fine vellus hair (peach fuzz) of the face. Like all […]

Your Autumn Skincare Remix

Ready to boost your autumn skincare routine? If the answer is yes, your priority should be prepping your skin for winter—that’s when harsh weather sucks every drop of moisture […]