Professional salon brushes for makeup application, applying masks in facial treatments and applying brow or lash tints.

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      These disposable eyeliner brushes deliver steady control for application of eyeliner. The thin pointed tip allows for an easy and precise application. It is the perfect tool for makeup artists who want to keep their liquid eyeliner product sanitary by using a disposable applicator. It fits nearly all eyeliner bottles…

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      For hygienic make-up application, brushing lashes (give to your clients as after-care to help keep their lash extensions in check) and grooming eyebrows. These professional-grade disposable mascara wands are of the highest quality and a must for sanitary application of any brand of mascara, whether it is a tube or…

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      Microbrushes are perfect for applying lash/brow products that require precision, removing lash extensions, applying lash lift solutions, primer, pigment, tint or henna. These extra fine fibre-tipped brushes allow for precise application, which avoids product wasteage. Each packet comes with 100 applicators.

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      A must-have for brow styling!

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      It’s a Mask Brush and it’s fabulous!

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      This flat multi-purpose brush featuring nylon hair can be used for applying body or facial masks, cleansers, cream, makeup or even glycolic treatments. Use the flat side of the brush for all over application and the tip for more precise application.  

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      A silky short handle brush for applying powder or foundation. Applies an even layer of pigment Helps create a flawless-looking complexion Features fine pony hair and wooden handle No animals were harmed in the manufacturing of this brush. These brushes are handmade, not cheap made in China brushes. Total length…

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      Our sloped powder brush is great for applying blush or bronzer to the cheekbones for a rosy or sun-kissed look, allowing the colours to build lightly. Brighten and sculpt your facial features in a single gesture with this angled brush. The slanted-bristle design easily hugs the contours of the face…

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      A full-bodied brush that evenly applies loose or pressed complexion powders and bronzers. Perfect for creating an even, matte finish, this brush helps to set makeup quickly without excess powder and without overload. It can also be used for the décolletage with an illuminating brush-on powder.   Brush over powder,…

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      Soft and precise flat head. A small, soft brush head great for smudging out color along the lash line. Offers superb control when applying color to very small areas of the eye. High-performance animal fibers will deliver cream and powder products without any absorption into the bristles.

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      Define, apply tint/colour or fill in brows using this angled brow brush from our pro brush collection. The stiff bristles help brush the brow hairs in place while applying brow makeup seamlessly. 100% vegan hair. The handle is made from sustainable bamboo. Measures: 158.8 mm long.

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      Apply loose or compact eye shadow flawlessly, while contouring and defining the crease area with this tapered eye shadow brush that features nylon hair and a clear handle. Wooden/Aluminium Handle.

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      Due back in stock mid-late Jan 2022.

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      This high quality brush is particularly soft and gentle to the skin. It enables a quick, easy and precise application of tint to lashes and brows – making the treatment even more simple. The flat, straight and particularly elastic bristle of the synthetic taklon enables an exceptionally clean and precise…