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Our range of everyday nail consumables include disposable nail files & buffer blocks, along with Bulk Acetone Remover & Isopropyl Alcohol. Save on shipping and grab your your salon nail care consumables from one supplier.

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      1L Pure Acetone. • The most effective solution to remove nail polish, gel polish & acrylic enhancements • Maximum strength to take care of all nail product removal needs • Can be used as a general-purpose solvent Gel & Acrylic Soak Off: Apply a thin layer of cuticle oil or […]

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      Great as a disposable buffer for manicures/pedicures. 120/150 grit. Double-sided. Pack of 50. Size: 35 x 25 x1 3mm

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      The reinforced centres of “cushioned” files are industry favorites as this makes them less likely to break during use, many prefer the solid less flex feel these provide.   Style: Standard Half-Moon Grit Rating: Side A: 100 Grit (Coarse) / Side B: 180 Grit (Med-Fine) Colour (outer): Zebra Grey Colour […]

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      The reinforced centres of “cushioned” files are industry favourites as this makes them less likely to break during use, many prefer the solid less flex feel these provide.   Style: Standard Half-Moon Grit Rating: Side A: 180 Grit (Med-Fine) / Side B: 240 Grit (Fine) Colour (outer): Zebra Grey Colour […]

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      100% Isopropyl Alcohol, a versatile and essential product designed to meet the hygiene and sanitisation needs of salons and beauty professionals. Our premium-grade isopropyl alcohol is specially formulated to provide effective disinfection while ensuring the safety and well-being of your clients and staff. Iso propyl Alcohol can be used to […]

    • $15.00

      Crafted from high-quality stainless steel, the Stainless Pedi Paddle is durable, hygienic, and built to last. Its ergonomic design ensures a comfortable grip, allowing you to effortlessly glide the paddle across the skin, effectively removing calluses, rough patches, and dead skin cells. With the Stainless Pedi Paddle, you no longer […]

    • $7.90

      Self-Adhesive files for Stainless Pedi Paddle. Pack of 20. Disposable. Disposable files ensure hygiene is maintained in salon. Designed to smooth dry, callused, cracked heels – each file features strong adhesive that grips the pad to the handle and will not peel during use. Available in Coarse 80 grit and […]

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      Made in Korea, these gold nail clippers combine value, quality and functionality. A must have for manicures and pedicures both in-salon and at home. Provides a super sharp and clean cut. Sturdy design Sanitizable and re-useable Smaller size for hands and larger size for toes  

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      Cuticle Nippers made from Stainless Steel. Spring-loaded.

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      The plastic Hoof Stick has a supple rubber tip to facilitate removal of dead skin which has resisted to the manicure stick wrapped with cotton wool, to form a neat nail contour. The other end of the Hoof Stick allows cleaning under the free edge of nails. How to use: […]

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      Tired of keeping three different buffers at hand just to give your clients that hypnotic shine that they crave? Try out this three-way buffer. It contains three different levels of abrasiveness in one convenient instrument. You can switch back and forth between three different intensities without even putting your hands […]

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      50 Plastic tips on a metal ring