Spray Tan Solutions

Professional quality spray tan solutions that suit all skin types. (Because nobody has time for un-natural or orange-coloured tans!) We offer green, violet and mixed/brown base solutions from light/medium to extreme dark.

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    Professional Spray Tan Solutions

    Our pro tan spray tan solutions are carefully formulated by some of the industries leading brands. They provide a natural-looking, streak-free result that will leave your clients feeling confident and glowing. Our tanning products are designed to be gentle on the skin, making them suitable for all skin types.

    Light to Medium Tan Solutions

    For those who prefer a more subtle tan, we offer light to medium spray tan solutions. These give a beautiful sun-kissed glow without being too dark or overwhelming. With our range of shades and undertones, you can customise the perfect tan for your clients's skin tone.

    Medium to Dark Solutions

    For a deeper and more intense tan, our medium to dark solutions are the perfect choice. These provide a rich and luxurious colour that will leave your clients feeling like they just returned from a tropical vacation. Our solutions are also quick-drying and long-lasting, ensuring a flawless tan that lasts.

    Ultra & Extreme Dark Solutions

    Our ultra and extreme dark solutions are perfect for clients who want a bold and intense tan. The deep color develops quickly and lasts longer, giving your clients the darkest tan they desire.

    Cosmetologists also stocks a full range of self tanning lotions and gentle tan removers.