Dermaplaning Training – In-Person Class

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Class Cost: $490 +GST

Learn dermaplaning with DermaplanePro New Zealand, the international leader in dermaplaning training. Once certified, you have the potential to earn $3000 in revenue from starter kit (included) alone. We hold workshops in Auckland and Christchurch as well as offering online and one-on-one training.

Dermaplaning, sometimes called epidermal levelling, is a safe procedure for exfoliating the epidermis and ridding the skin of fine vellus hair (peach fuzz) of the face.

Our dermaplaning training course is a one-day masterclass covering a mix of theory and practical application. You will see, feel and perform a dermaplaning treatment on the day. Can’t make a class? We also have online training available.

Next Christchurch class: Mon 8th August | Next Auckland class: Mon 5th Sept


Dermaplaning is a great add-on treatment to work in with your existing facial menu to offer clients instant, visible results without downtime. A controlled method of exfoliation, removing both vellus hair and dead skin, is a non-invasive treatment suitable for most skin types.

Our starter kit (included) will enable you to perform 25+ treatments so you can hit the ground running post-training. With the potential to charge $60-120+ per treatment, you have the potential to earn $3000 in revenue once certified. Easily quadruple your initial training investment of $490+GST!


Auckland Dermaplaning Classes

8/16 Alpito Place, Pukekohe, Auckland 2120

  • Mon 1st August, 10am – 4pm
  • Mon 5th September, 10am – 4pm
  • Mon 3rd October, 10am – 4pm
Christchurch Dermaplaning Classes

Christchurch Central City, Christchurch 8011

  • Mon 8th August, 9.30am – 4pm

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Course Content:

This course is run by our accredited trainers who are DermaplanePro certified. They have over 50 years of experience in the industry between them!

At DermaplanePro, we feel that it’s important for our students to receive the finest education in dermaplaning. Our training program is featured in two parts to facilitate learning in a progressive and enjoyable fashion that leads our students to successful completion of the course.

Part 1 is an Online Course and contains all learning materials including Dermaplaning Manual, Demonstration Videos, Course Video and certificate.

Part 2 is the Experience portion and is hands-on either in class or live video. All of the tools and supplies needed for 25 dermaplaning facials are included in the Deluxe ProStart Kit which students receive in class.

Post-training support is unlimited for 1 year via e-mail, phone, auditing a class or live video.


What will I learn?

Part 1
DermaplanePro University Online Course, Includes:
  • Welcome
  • Video Training
  • Dermaplaning Exfoliation Video and Quiz
  • Skin Biology Video and Quiz
  • Hair Biology Video and Quiz
  • Client Consultation Video and Quiz
  • Manual (PDF)
  • Face Diagram (PDF)
  • Dermaplaning Demonstration Videos: Left-Handed and Right-Handed
  • Part-One Final Quiz
  • Certificate of Completion
Part 2
Classroom Experience, Includes:
  • Hands-On Dermaplaning with Instructor and up to 5 other students
  • Deluxe ProStart Kit
  • Experience working with tools and supplies in the Deluxe ProStart Kit
  • Give and receive a complete dermaplaning facial
  • Certification upon successful completion of the course


  • Listing on the Find A Provider page at (per your request)
  • E-Mail, phone and live video support at no charge (as needed)
  • Membership in DermaplanePro Certified Private Group on FB once you complete your certification. This is where you will receive post-certification support and guidance from our team of trainers, distributors and industry experts daily on the page.
  • DermaplanePro Certified Seal to use on your social media and marketing materials.

Deluxe ProStart Kit Includes:
1 – Stainless Steel Blade Handle
1 – AHA/BHA Skin Prep Solution
1 – Nourish Dermaplaning Oil
1 – 25 10R blade pack
1 – Training Blade Pack (2 #10R Blades to use in class)
3 – #10R w/ attached handle
1 – NuPeel Natural Enzyme
1 – Blade Remover Box
1 – DermaplanePro Lip Balm
1 – DermaplanePro Hand Sanitizer
1 – DermaplanePro Pen
1 – Stem Cell & Peptide Face Mask
1 – Stem Cell & Peptide Neck Mask
1 – Disposable Protective Mask


Following training you will understand:
  • The history & purpose of dermaplaning
  • How dermaplaning compares with other forms of physical exfoliation and hair removal
  • Differences among surgical and dermaplaning blades
  • The necessary client forms that must be completed prior to the client receiving treatment
  • Record-keeping requirements and why
  • Client selection
  • Contraindications to treatment
  • Instrument selection, preparation, use and disposal
  • Proper sanitation of instruments and infection protection
  • Blood spill procedure as it pertains to dermaplaning
  • Methodology for dermaplaning treatment, including maneuvering the instrument, clinical endpoints, troubleshooting and post-procedure options


Access to the online university is limited to one month after the class completion date.
Certification Courses are only available to professionals with one or more of the following qualifications: certificate or diploma in beauty therapy (or equivalent), nurse, dentist, doctor.
Beauty students can take our course. You must be within the last 2 months of your program to be eligible for the course.


Dermaplaning Training F.A.Q’s


Additional information


• Certificate or diploma in beauty therapy (or equivalent)
• Semi-permanent makeup artist (by qualification)
• Nurse, dentist, doctor
If your qualification does not appear, please do enquire, but your qualification does need to be within the health and beauty sector.

Class Format

Part 1: Online Theory + Part 2: One-Day Practical Class

Dermaplaning Training - In-Person Class

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