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All the bits and bobs needed for creating gorgeous brows and lashes! Great brows are made with quality tint bowls, mixing dishes, brushes and applicators.

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      The best quality disposable mascara wands at a price that won’t break the bank! For hygienic make-up application, brushing lashes (give to your clients as after-care to help keep their lash extensions in check), grooming eyebrows and many other uses. ‘Spoolies’ are a must-have disposable item for both salon and […]

    • $4.99

      This professional strength eyebrow thread is perfect for threading both facial and body hair. Made from 100% Egyptian Cotton, this extra strong thread will withstand breakage during the threading process. 300m per roll.

    • $9.50

      Searching for a place to store your brow & lash tools are now things of the past! The RefectoCil Brushanizer is a practical and hygienic brush storage solution that can be used for all types of brushes as well as lash lifting tools. 3 generous storage areas allow you to […]

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      When you need a large number of spoolies at a price that won’t break the bank! For hygienic make-up application, brushing lashes (give to your clients as after-care to help keep their lash extensions in check) and grooming eyebrows. These professional-grade disposable mascara wands are of the highest quality and […]

    • $29.90

      The Brow Shampoo BFF you have been waiting for! This was formulated and designed for artists, by artists, Amber Massa and Debs Hendren to help you achieve success with Hybrid Tinting, Henna Brows or any of your  brow and lash services. It works with any hybrid tint line or before […]

    • $29.90

      Infinity’s multi-use wonder brow and lash product! Saline solution, a sterile solution of salt in water, is commonly used in brow services for its cleansing, sterilizing, hydrating, and soothing properties. It helps to cleanse and sterilize the skin, reducing the risk of infection or inflammation, while also keeping the skin […]

    • $35.00

      If you are looking for a pointed brow tweezer that is not only functional but also stylish, choose Infinity Hybrid’s custom-designed Infinity shaped tweezer. These tweezers are made out of recycled stainless steel, are hand-sharpened and have a pointed tip for precise hair removal. Whether you need to shape eyebrows, […]

    • $22.60

      Whether you’re a brow beginner or a seasoned pro, the Infinity Buff & Blend Brush is a must-have tool! Side A is a rounded brush that is perfect for blending and buffing out any harsh lines or edges to your highlight line. This brush head is soft and fluffy, allowing […]

    • $36.00

      This artist Palette makes all of your brow and lash services easy! With separate sections for your lifting products, you can easily transport products and keep them separate for the service. This tool is washable, sanitizable and reusable. This set also includes our Buff and Blend brush, dual-sided and custom-made […]

    • $10.90

      Nourish + Protect Premium Hydrogel eye patches make applying eyelash extensions or lash lift treatments more comfortable. Additionally, they aid in shielding the eye area from unwelcome skin stains. With this hydrating product, you can elevate your lash lift procedures by reviving your eyes’ tired appearance. A cooling effect will […]

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    • $17.00

      RefectoCil Micellar Eye Makeup Remover is a gentle and effective solution for effortlessly removing eye makeup. Specially formulated with micellar technology, this innovative remover efficiently lifts away stubborn mascara, eyeliner, and eyeshadow without irritating the delicate eye area. Designed to be suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin, its […]

    • $12.50

      The ultimate degreaser! To eliminate all traces of oil residue before an eyelash perm, lift or tint.  Conventional eye make up removers commonly leave an oily residue on the upper eyelid and the eyelashes. We recommend cleansing the upper eyelids and the eyelashes with Refectocil Saline Solution to ensure optimum […]

    • $13.90

      Protect the lower eyelids against unwanted staining. The special coating provides protection from tint spots and the extra soft material is more comfortable. Tint pads that provide… a little extra! Application: Apply RefectoCil Creme on the underside of the RefectoCil Eye protection paper and ask your client to look upwards. […]

    • $12.88

      Protection against staining of the skin during lash tinting!   How To Use: Apply RefectoCil Skin Protection Creme on the underside of the RefectoCil eye protection paper and ask your client to look upwards. Now softly apply the paper underneath the lower eyelashes right to the edge of the client’s […]