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All the bits and bobs needed for creating gorgeous brows and lashes! Great brows are made with quality tint bowls, mixing dishes, brushes and applicators.

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      The Refectocil Eye Make Up Remover attracts eye makeup magnetically due to the new Micellar technology and cleans thoroughly with no rubbing!  For an ideal tinting result and long-lasting duration use Refectocil Micellar Make Up Remover before styling the eye area. The new formula is lash strengthening and oil free.…

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      Protect the lower eyelids against unwanted staining. The special coating provides protection from tint spots and the extra soft material is more comfortable. Tint pads that provide… a little extra! Application: Apply RefectoCil Creme on the underside of the RefectoCil Eye protection paper and ask your client to look upwards.…

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      Protection against staining of the skin during lash tinting!   How To Use: Apply RefectoCil Skin Protection Creme on the underside of the RefectoCil eye protection paper and ask your client to look upwards. Now softly apply the paper underneath the lower eyelashes right to the edge of the client’s…

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      It’s a brow calliper and it’s fabulous! (Can you tell our supplier didn’t write a description and we had to do it ourselves? 😂) Use our white brow calliper / brow ruler to measure out your client’s brows – a brow mapping essential. If you’re tinting, shaping, performing henna or…

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      It’s a jade stone and it’s fabulous! An essential tool for professional eyelash extensions technicians, the cool surface of the stone helps to keep the drop of the adhesive fresh for a longer period of time 5cm Diameter.

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      A must-have for brow styling!

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      This high quality brush is particularly soft and gentle to the skin. It enables a quick, easy and precise application of tint to lashes and brows – making the treatment even more simple. The flat, straight and particularly elastic bristle of the synthetic taklon enables an exceptionally clean and precise…

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      The wax strips match any brow and ensure the perfect shape: 2/3 rising and 1/3 falling. When dyeing at the same time the strips act as templates. For perfectly shaped and tinted WOW brows! Perfect brow shape in one step Guarantees good results Quick & easy application Suitable for almost…