Berodin Wax

Berodin means business. The latest and greatest technology in polymer formulation makes this the best wax in the industry. 🥇Not only is it gentle on the skin, but it’s also strong at hair removal. And, it can be applied at low heat, while staying flexible without being as sticky as traditional hard waxes.
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Waxing is an ancient ritual that’s been practiced since ancient times, but has never been easy for either client or professional—until now.

Berodin was founded by a team of skincare professionals on a mission to make waxing healthier and safer for the skin without sacrificing results. Our system was developed to ensure that the wax adheres only to the hair, leaving the skin unharmed. Once the hair is gone, our gels and post-wax treatments pamper the skin and prevent normal reactions to hair removal. From soft to hard wax, we have you covered with our Blue Wax Beads, Black Soft Wax, Aqua Soft Wax and Jet Set Hard Wax Beads.