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The correct facial accessories are just as important as the products you use! Deck your salon out with our affordable mask bowls, sponges, Millia extractors, headbands and other skin treatment must-haves.

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      You and your clients will love these luxuriously soft bamboo facial cloths, designed especially for estheticians. These towels are split, leaving room for the client’s nose and mouth during your treatment. Our soft, white bamboo cloths are the perfect size for facials, take up very little space in your towel…

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      Our beautifully soft Disposable Wipes come in a Box of 50, and are an absolute essential for all your beauty needs. Elevate your hygiene without compromising on quality or the environment! Biodegradable soft wipes contain no harsh chemicals, are fragrance-free and are ultra-soft and gentle. In independent laboratory tests, deionised water…

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      Needles for use during millia extraction. Single-use sterile, individually sealed 26G 1/2″   A Milium Cyst is a small white bump that occurs when keratin becomes trapped beneath the surface of the skin. (Keratin is a protein that is typically found in the hair, nails and skin). Milia are commonly…

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      Securely keep hair in place during make-up and skincare treatments with this comfortable and washable headband that has a convenient velcro closure. Washable – Velcro – Available in White. Measures: 600mm wide. Fabric is not elastic, but has a little give so will stretch up to 620mm.

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      3ml. Pack of 10. For use in decanting products, precise measuring or with Tuel Salicylic/Lactic Acid peels.

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      Stainless Steel Extraction Tool. Double Sided. Easily remove blemishes during facial treatments with this stainless steel comedone extractor with double loops. The small loop can be used to extract whiteheads and the larger, flat loop can be used to extract blackheads. After sterilizing the tool, place loop over the blemish…

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      Use these absorbent PVA foam sponges during facial treatments to help remove impurities, makeup, and skincare products. Individually wrapped at a great price! Measures: 66.8 mm x 7.6 mm

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      White with Blue Stripe – 33cm x 75cm

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      It’s a Mask Brush and it’s fabulous!

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      This flat multi-purpose brush featuring nylon hair can be used for applying body or facial masks, cleansers, cream, makeup or even glycolic treatments. Use the flat side of the brush for all over application and the tip for more precise application.  

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      Glass bowls are great for mixing tints or facial masks! Super cute, compact and available in 2 sizes. Fitting perfectly in the palm of your hand and oh-so-easy to clean, these are your go-to mask bowls!   Small 6cm Round Large 9cm Round