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Every year we work with hundreds of beauty therapists, enabling them to upskill and grow their businesses.

Broaden your knowledge with intimate, hands-on classes. Our kick-ass trainers are fully qualified, accredited beauty therapists who have spent years in the industry. We offer post-graduate training in today’s in-demand treatments including Dermaplaning, Dermal Needling, Brazilian/Body Waxing and Brow Henna; as well as brand-specific skincare training for Tuel, Fusion Meso & MixLab.

Why train with Cosmetologists? We’ve developed our courses to be relevant to today’s industry, not 1999! You will learn practical skills that you can apply in-salon straight away. This means you can make money and recoup your training investment faster.

Our Training Courses

The basic facial can be traced as far back as 1600! Isn’t it time for something a little more… modern? Upskill and introduce a new treatment into your salon. You’ll be surprised how it positively affects your bottom line.

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Dermaplaning, sometimes called epidermal levelling, is a safe procedure for exfoliating the epidermis and ridding the skin of fine vellus hair (peach fuzz) of the face.

We’ve partnered with DermaplanePro – the leader in dermaplaning certification classes, tools, supplies and support in the United States and around the world.

Dermal Needling

Microneedling offers many benefits for skincare professionals looking to include additional, results-driven (and also profitable) services for their clients.

Often referred to as dermal needling or collagen induction therapy – this is a fairly new, minimally invasive procedure involving controlled puncturing of the skin with miniature fine needles.

Microneedling treats everything from wrinkles, hyperpigmentation and dull skin to issues such as scars, stretch marks, and cellulite – this class covers all theory as well as practical application.

Brow Henna

Become a Hennatician Stylist and learn how to master the use of your Henna pigments and perfect your technique with the Hennatician product, a natural, chemical-free, safe and long-lasting option to traditional tinting.

Eye Brow henna is a relatively new treatment that has popped up across the world as an alternative to traditional eyebrow tinting.


Become proficient in head to toe waxing, including bikini and brazilian. Learn proper body positioning and efficient techniques to reduce your waxing time and increase profit. You will also learn industry standards in pricing and how to prepare your client for normal reactions.

We have classes available for different levels.

I am so happy with all of my training through cosmetologists. Dermaplaning was a scary prospect for me initially but everything was explained thoroughly, the pros and cons of dermaplaning, the structure and function of the skin, contraindications and the hands on training. The most beneficial part of it though, is being able to ask questions and ask for advice after the training is finished, I appreciate having that ongoing support which is so important. The equipment and product are very high quality, the trainers are knowledgable and friendly with years of experience in the industry. I just cant recommend them highly enough!

Mandy G.Mandy’s Beauty Room

Just a wee word about dermaplaning training… it was absolutely fbaulous and I’m pleasantly surprised how busy I have been! Thanks Sylvie for the thorough training session.

JanetJayC's Beauty

I really enjoyed henna training and from a long term perspective I love most that you still continue to help me through all my questions about the service xx that to me is the kind of stuff I appreciate so so much ❤️❤️

MillyGemini Ink

Great feedback so far from clients, the training you guys have by the sounds of things has been far superior to others I’ve talked too, so thank you!!

SarahAria Beauty

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