Hybrid Tints

Hybrid tints offer a Skin Stain + Tinting of the Hair.

From a traditional look to ombre brows or a “full on” semi-permanent makeup effect, go beyond just tinting the hairs and offer a makeup-like affect.
Please note hybrid tints work differently and cannot be mixed with regular tints / oxidant.

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    About Hybrid Tints

    We are often asked, “what is the difference between regular (oxidant-based) tints and hybrid tints?” 🤷‍♀️

    Oxidative 'Traditional' Tints

    Best for: brows & lashes – colouring hairs

    Enhances your natural brows only

    Oxidative tints are mixed with hydrogen peroxide. The hydrogen peroxide opens the hair structure and the color pigments are stored in the hair. The colouring of the hair lasts up to 6 weeks. Available in 6 colours from black to blue. The colouring does not stain the skin in most cases, or if it does, such a stain only lasts a day or so.

    Hybrid Tints or Dye

    Best for: brows – colouring hairs and staining the skin, with the ease of mixing like a tint

    Can be used on clients with full to sparse brows

    An intensive, pigmented “skin stain” is created behind the hairs (similar to permanent makeup). Like traditional tinting, a developer is used to open the hair structure and the color pigments are also stored in the hair. Hence the name “hybrid”! Colour is retained up to 2 weeks on the skin and up to 6 weeks on hair. Available in 7 shades.

    Intense Browns Hybrid Tints

    Best for: brows  – colouring hairs and staining the skin, for clients who are allergic to PPD/peroxide or want a natural henna-like product

    For clients with some brow hair

    Hybrid tints still use peroxide in the process and contain PPD/Dye. RefectoCil Intense Brow[n]s is based on silver nitrate and is PPD-free. Unlike regular tints the gels are not mixed. Each gel is applied in sequence, one after the other. In between, the hair/skin is dried and then comes the next gel. Silver nitrate only opens the hair structure minimally, the pigments are not stored in the hair, but instead enshroud the hair. The colouring of the hair lasts up to 6 weeks and a make-up effect is created on the skin – lasting up to 10 days.


    Why Hybrid Tints?

    ✔ Tint both the hair and skin for a full brow look

    ✔ Many hybrid tints can be used on lashes also – offer your clients more options while needling fewer products!

    ✔ Less technical than henna with a more consistent output (henna pigment require optional pH levels and work slower in cooler temperatures, for example)

    ✔ Saves time filling in sparse or uneven brows

    ✔ The ultimate consultation tool – show your clients what their new brow tattoo will look like (avoid that first appointment “shock” factor so may clients get)

    ✔ You can use it to correct, reshape, replenish or completely model the brows.