Experience smooth, hair-free skin with our range of professional waxing products. From leading brand hot wax to high-quality wax kits, we have everything you need for effective hair removal.
Keep calm and wax on.

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Professional Waxing Supplies

Our waxing supplies are specially formulated for use in professional salons. We offer a wide range of high-quality waxes, from traditional wax beads and strip wax to the latest hot wax formulas, ensuring that your clients receive the best treatment possible. We also stock a complete range of pre-wax cleanses and post-wax soothing gels here.

Wax Kits

Our all-in-one wax kits provide salon owners with the essential tools to deliver perfect results every time. Each kit includes a professional grade wax warmer, a variety of waxes, applicators, and accessories to cater to all hair types and skin sensitivities.

Waxing Equipment

Efficient and hygienic waxing requires the right equipment, and we have you covered. Our collection of wax heaters, spatulas, and other waxing accessories are designed to make the hair removal process easy for both you and your clients.