Our Team’s Favourite Products for Summer 2023

We asked our team what their summer must-have’s were….

Courtney – Tuel Peel & Heal Kit

While wearing sunscreen is always number one, a close second is pro-grade treatments on the road AKA the Peel & Heal Kit. Peel and heal your way to a brighter, healthier complexion with this curated 4-piece mini kit featuring the power of dual exfoliation, hydration and skin soothing with anti-inflammatory botanicals.

Aliesha – Azure Tan Green Base Self-Tan Mousse

Because, darling, nobody wants to look orange over summer! Azure Tan Green Base Mousse is a colour correcting tan to neutralise pink/red undertones for an olive brown tan. This product also doubles as a skincare treatment for the body to help fight signs of ageing and leave the skin hydrated and nourished.

Carika – C Power Vitamin C Serum

This super-powered serum does it all —brightens, fights aging and protects. The key to its multi-tasking power lies in a potent complex of antioxidant vitamin C, lactic and malic acids, which work at the molecular level to give skin a firmer, brighter look. And in the words of Carika, “your skin is worth fighting for!”

James – Clear It Blemish Control Gel

We may not have time for orange tans, but the same can also be said for blemishes! No thank you! Clear It contains colloidal sulfur which fights breakouts while allantoin calms irritation, minimizes redness and helps promote cell regeneration. Potent in Vitamin C, lemon is good for oil control and prevents the formation of new breakouts.

Sylvie – Fusion Eye Sorbet

Multiple eye creams? Ewwww. An ultra-refreshing eye cream formulated with active ingredients derived from aesthetic medicine for a complete anti-ageing effect. Reduces wrinkles, puffiness AND dark circles. Perfect for new years day.