Lash Lift, Perm & Lamination

Lash Lifting, Perming & Brow Lamination. Lash styling, in particular, has taken the industry by storm! RefectoCil offer lash forming kits and supplies – now with new formulas that work better than ever. Our kits are also great for beginners!

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    • $120.00

      The RefectoCil Brow Lamination Kit is here! Brow Lamination is the perfect styling service to achieve fuller-looking brows. The patented pink power perm containing Keratin works in just 11 minutes (6+5 min processing time). Brow Lamination treatments should be done by a trained therapist or beauty professional. This kit is…

    • $24.99

      The innovative Refectocil Silicone Pads make eyelash tinting or perming as simple as never before! Save the environment and avoid single-use under eye pads for good.

    • $179.00

      RefectoCil Eyelash Lift Kit contains 36 applications – lift the lashes and create an intense, wide-eyed look, making natural lashes look significantly longer and thicker.

    • $18.50

      This lash lift tool has a super-fine tip, making it perfect for separating lashes. The longer handle makes it easier to use.

    • $36.00

      The new ‘Eyelash Lifter by RefectoCil’ is what every lash and brow artist needs! Specifically designed to allow easy lifting and precise separation of lashes during the lash styling service. The super-fine stainless steel tip is perfect to isolate and place lashes perfectly before applying the RefectoCil Pink Power Perm.…

    • $30.50

      For use with either the RefectoCil Lash Curl or Lash Lift system. Perm & Neutraliser Solutions sold together (contains 1 tube of each) – 18 applications* per pack. The NEW Perm+Neutraliser is here (2021 Formula)! The patented pink power perm containing keratin and cysteine works in just 11 minutes and is…

    • $21.50

      New formula – same great result!

    • $27.00

      Refill/spare pads for the RefectoCil Lash Lifting system. The specially developed, re-useable, silicone lash lifting pads are made in Germany. They fit along the curvature of the lid perfectly and are available in 3 sizes that can be used up to 100 times. Lashes can be tinted immediately after the…

    • $17.50

      Rollers for use with RefectoCil Lash Curl system. Refectocil curl rollers are designed for use when performing a traditional lash perm (not a lift). 36 pieces per pack. Available in sizes: S, M, L, XL, XXL These rollers are self-adhesive, meaning only a small amount of glue is required for…

    • $9.99

      To eliminate all traces of oil residue before use of eyelash perm or tint.  After application of conventional eye make up removers, usually oily residues remain on the upper eyelid and the eyelashes.  Therefore Refectocil recommends the upper eyelids and the eyelashes must be cleansed with Refectocil Saline Solution.  Only…