Wearing a face mask? Avoid causing breakouts with this acne-busting tip!

We’re pretty lucky in New Zealand to be (almost) covid-free. However, with face masks still a public transport staple, the recent alert level changes and increased mask use in public spaces such as airports – more and more of us are wearing face masks regularly.

And sadly no, we aren’t talking about detox clay mask! 🙈

Yes – we all should be applying a good skin treatment mask on the regular. Meanwhile, our trusty border workers, airline staff and medical professionals are wearing the surgical-kind practically 24/7! Wearing a face mask protects in many ways.

This constant companion can leave your skin dry, irritated and acne prone. In the ‘biz’ we have a highly scientific term to describe acne caused by prolonged mask-wearing. Maskne!



Let’s take a look at what causes maskne and how to treat it—so your skin stays healthy too. 

What causes it?

While wearing a mask, when you breathe or talk, your mask tends to trap hot air. Besides giving a whole new meaning to the phrase, “being full of hot air”; this creates a warm and humid environment. The ideal setting for yeast and bacteria to grow (ewww)!

Maskne is also caused by clogged pores. Think about it this way, you already have bacteria, oil, pollution on your skin throughout the day. Then if you are taking a mask on and off, your pores are very likely to be clogged thanks to sweat, dirt and dead skin cells being rubbed all over.

Treat it

Now that we have thourouhgly grossed you out. Let’s banish that maskne for good!

Meet Clear It! Clear It, meet person-who-hates-acne.

It’s a match!

Clear It is our acne busting blemish control gel. This powerhouse targets bacteria and helps regulate oil production without drying out or damaging healthy skin. Colloidal sulphur fights breakouts while allantoin calms irritation, reduces redness and helps promote cell regeneration. Potent in Vitamin C, lemon is good for oil control and prevents the formation of new breakouts.

(And you thought I was going to suggest a complicated 100000 step skincare regieme, didn’t you?)

Bye, bye blemishes!

Nighttime – spot treat onto cleansed skin. Focus on unsightly bumps. Apply your night cream over top. (Remember skincare is always lightest to heaviest.)

Daytime – use like Windex. Whenever you feel the need, dab a little here and there. Just make sure you apply with clean fingers.

Whether masking up every day for work or just occasionally – if you’re going to keep one product in your handbag, make that product Clear It. After all, nobody likes acne!