Clinical Grade Disinfectant – 5L


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Disinfectant Clinical Grade is formulated with two powerful germicides providing very fast knockdown of gram positive and gram negative bacteria. It is also very active against many fungi.

The phrase ‘gram’ is a term used by microbiologist to classify bacteria into two groups (gram-positive or gram-negative). This positive/negative reference is based on the bacterium’s chemical and physical cell wall properties.


For cleaning tools and surfaces, floors, walls and general building maintenance, dilute 1 part Disinfectant Cleaner to 50 parts of water.
Dilute 1 part Disinfectant Cleaner to 10 parts of water for use in toilets, sinks, drains and bins.

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Weight5000 g
Key Ingredients

Benzalkonium Chloride: Powerful antimicrobial agent. It works by killing microorganisms and inhibiting their future growth Pine Oil and Terpineol: Biocide extracted from pine and other natural oils. Alcohol: Removes dirt particles to loosen them from the surface they're attached to, so they can be rinsed away.


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Clinical Grade Disinfectant - 5L


In stock