LaVaque Slanted Tweezers


Professional, Meticulously accurate, and with a Lifetime Guarantee. These are serious quality tweezers that will last the test of time! Also great for retailing to clients (RRP $38)

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  • Professional precision
  • Matte finish for non-slip grip
  • Ultra-thin tips easily lift the hair, while perfectly hand-filed tips give you the best grip
  • Lightweight
  • Specially engineered to reduce strain on your fingers
  • Stainless Steel
  • 98.4mm long
  • Lifetime Guarantee – You break ‘em, You dull ‘em, We replace ‘em. No questions asked


What is Tension?

All tweezers have “resistance” or tension, the softer the tension, the easier it is to close. (However, too little tension and your tweezers are as good as useless!)Hard Tension Tweezers require more effort/pressure to close than Regular Tension. Regular Tension is close to what many other brands use as standard. On the other hand, Hard Tension is better for gripping thicker hairs or for these more heavy-handed therapists amongst us!

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Classic Tension, Hard Tension


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LaVaque Slanted Tweezers

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