Hyaluronic Mix-Mask – 25 Sachets (MixLab)

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Hyaluronic Mix-Mask – 25 Sachets (MixLab)

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Box of 25x Sachets.

100% Natural base to create unique hyaluronic acid gel masks. The sachet has to be mixed with water in our mixlab mask blender and can be enhanced by adding 2 doses of any mixlab serum or 2ml of Fusion Meso mesotherapy solution.

The texture of the mask is firm, refreshing and highly moisturising. A new generation of face mask that is adapted for any type of treatment but in particular for post peeling, mesotherapy and micro-needling application.

This incredible masks is fresh and prepared on the go for each client at an extremely cost effective price.

How to use:

Add the content of the sachet with 100 ml of water into the mixlab mask blender. Start the blender and once the mixing process has been completed  wait 1 minute for the bubbles to rise and avoid incorporating air into the mask. Then pour the gel (mask mixture) into a mould. Place the mould into a fridge for approximatively 5 minutes. Then the mask is ready to be applied onto the skin.


Neutral, perfume free.

Product texture:

Thick gel mask based on 100% natural gelifiers (Ceratonia siliqua gum, Xanthan gum), and hyaluronic acid.

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Hyaluronic Mix-Mask - 25 Sachets (MixLab)

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